How It Works

You have received your coupon Congratulations!

Register the coupon either by logging in to your already existing account or if you are new customer please register for an account with us. Then you can start redeeming your coupon.
1 coupon 1 night
One hotel coupon enables you to stay in a hotel room one night for two people. You only need to pay for the food allowance the hotel provides, and your travel cost to the hotel. It is the hotels decision to provide the free room upon availability. Note the coupon is valid for 18 months after registrations.
Collect coupons
In your account you can collect coupons to redeem them for a longer trip, transfer the coupon to loved ones, give them as a gift to somebody you love.
Discover your destination
Now you can choose your favorite location for a free night(s) experience from our 2,000 + hotels in 40 countries worldwide form 1 star to 5 star. Select your preferred dates and send a booking request. Ensure that you have enough coupons for the night(s) you booked. Keep in mind that for each night a coupon will be set against your booking and deleted once booking is finalized. Waiting confirmation from the hotels might take up to 24 hours to 48 hours.
Enjoy your stay!
After we received confirmation from the hotel, you will receive notice from us to finalize the booking. You will be asked to pay, check-out and then you can look forward to enjoy your hotel stay.