Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can use the coupon?
    The service is available only for individuals who are eighteen (18) years of age and above. Migoda.com is relying on your truthfulness that you are at least 18 years of age.

  • What about children?
    As a rule, the children can of course participate in the journey. Children in the Migoda program are treated for coupon redemption and meal package as adults.

  • What does the coupon contain?
    The hotel coupon grants 1 night for 2 people in a double room in a Migoda partner hotel. Choose from our selected hotels in 40 countries worldwide and enjoy your stay.

  • How long is my coupon valid?
    Your coupon is valid 18 months after registering the coupon(s) on our website - www.migoda.com.

  • Do I have to use my coupon before it expires?
    Yes, you have to use your coupon within the 18 months of validity. Should you be slightly over your expiration date you can get in contact with our customer service team to possibly prolong your coupon for usage. Please send an email to .

  • How can I use my coupons?
    Visit migoda.com and login using your e-mail address and password. If you are a first time website visitor you will need to also provide further details to register your coupon(s).
    Once logged in, you will be able to view the numerous hotels to choose from for your night over to redeem a coupon. When you picked your chosen hotel and identified that the dates are available, you can then follow the instructions for reservation. Within a 48 hour time frame you will receive a response from the hotel. If the hotel accepts you will receive a confirmation overview and you will be guided to the payment section. You have 48 hours to make the payment in order to ensure your booking and finalize your trip. If you don’t pay within 48 hours, you will lose your booking and you will have to start your booking process all over again. It can happen that availability has changed and the hotel no longer accepts your desired dates.

  • Can I check availability before I use the coupon?
    After having registered your coupon(s) you can indulge into finding your favorite destination amongst our 2.000+ partner hotels, whilst you can view their available dates.

  • Do I need to choose a date or location before I redeem the coupon?
    Yes! For a confirmed booking you have to choose a hotel with your desired dates.

  • Is the coupon also usable for single occupancy?
    Singles can also use the coupon.You will be charged one full coupon as well.

  • My coupon code does not work. What do I do?
    If your coupon code does not work please check if the coupon sequence number was entered correctly or check if the coupon might have already expired.

  • I have lost my coupon. What can I do?
    Since we did not issue the coupon to you, there is nothing we can do.
    In this case you will have to turn to the company that gave you the coupon.

  • Can I transfer my coupons to another person?
    Yes you can and we will be happy to assist you doing that! Please send us a message to admin@migoda.com with your details (Name, Surname, birthdate) your number of coupons you would like to transfer to another person and of course that other persons name. We be in contact with you confirming the transfer.

  • Can I extend my coupon?
    Generally we only accept coupons that haven’t expired yet. However if your coupon is just a little over the expiration date we will accommodate your coupon extension to leave you a happy MIGODA Fan!
  • I have a coupon. How do I make my booking?
    Visit migoda.com and login using your email address and password. If you are a first time website visitor you will need to also provide further details to register your coupon(s).
    Once logged in, you will be able to view the numerous hotels to choose from for your night over to redeem a coupon. When you picked your chosen hotel and identified that the dates are available, you can then follow the instructions for reservation and payment for the meal package the hotel has provided. Only after payment your booking is complete.

  • How many days in advance shall I make my booking?
    We always advise making your booking as far in advance as possible especially if you choose to go to another country or continent. If you have chosen a favorite hotel check the availability dates provided by the hotel. Book promptly to not lose out on the hotels quota of rooms for coupon holders

  • Can I book more than one room at the time?
    You can, if you have additional coupons registered in your Migoda account. As a reminder the coupon guarantees 2 persons in a room for one night in one of our partner hotels

  • Can I book a hotel any time of the year?
    This depends purely on the hotels quota available for coupon guests.
    During high season and particular holidays like Christmas, New Year, Easter and Sugar Feast as well as trade-shows and other social events the hotel might not be able to provide space for coupon holders.
    I have more than one coupon. Do I have to use them for single bookings or can I use them for multiple bookings?
    You can choose how to use your coupon in any way - meaning if you have several coupons you can use each one for a night in a different hotel. Or you can decide also to use for example 3 nights (3 coupons) in the same hotel.
    You can also continue collecting your coupons and then spend them on a complete vacation - let’s say for example 7 days in a hotel of your choice - just make sure the hotel has availability for these dates you want to go and that you have the same number of coupons according to the days you want to spend

  • How do I receive a confirmation of my booking?
    After following the instructions for booking your preferred hotel, you will be asked to pay for the meal package. Once the payment is confirmed, the booking confirmation will be automatically sent to your specified email address, including the hotel's information

  • Can I make a hotel booking by phone?
    Unfortunately, at this point we can not offer you a phone service for booking, but you can easily do the booking via our secure Website 24 hours a day.

  • Can I change my booking?
    Life is often about unforeseen moments and for whatever reason that you might want to change a booking we will accommodate to your needs. In this case please write us an email under admin@migoda.com to explain your changes.
    If you want to cancel your booking please view the cancellation policies.

  • What do I do if the hotel has problems locating my booking?
    Please always take your Migoda booking confirmation with you. On it you will find the Hotel Manager’s name and contact info including the booking reference codes.

  • If I cancel my booking, can I use my coupons a second time?
    We always advise cancelling your booking as far in advance as possible. Please read the cancellation policy carefully to understand the possible involved cancellation costs. On your booking confirmation you will see the hotels deadline for cancellation.
    If the cancellation is still ahead of the cancellation deadline, we will be happy to assist you with the credit of your used coupons.

  • How can I be reimbursed my coupon(s) after cancelling the booking?
    After you having contacted our customer service with your booking reference code at admin@migoda.com our team will sort the cancellation on your behalf and will then credit you back your coupons.

  • I am having trouble booking online. What do I do?
    Our booking system is easy to use and 24 hours online. Follow the instructions and try again. If the problem is a technical one and it remains please send us a message under tech@migoda.com.
  • How can I make changes to my booking online?
    Please understand that our system at this point does not yet allow for online changes. For that reason please send your change request to admin@migoda.com and we will assist your with your desired changes

  • What is the cancellation policy?
    Changes and cancellations must be immediately submitted to Migoda. Please send an email to booking@migoda.com.
    The email should arrive latest 48 hours prior to the hotel stay - noon time check-in. After that our “Non-Refundable” booking period kicks in, and your booking can’t be changed nor cancelled. We will then have to charge you the full food package amount for the nights booked and for the people traveling.
    Also your coupons for this booking applied will become invalid.
    We advise in any case the conclusion of a travel insurance to claim the reimbursement of costs with them

  • How can I cancel a hotel reservation online?
    Please send us asap a message to admin@migoda.com at least 48 hours prior to hotel stay so we can process the cancellation.

  • How can I be reimbursed my coupons after canceling the booking?
    We will gladly reimburse your coupons if you cancelled the booking early enough (at least 48 hours prior to hotel stay) and you still fall under the free cancellation duration period. You will have to make your cancellation claim with our cancellation department under admin@migoda.com. They will then manage your case and decide if you are eligible for a full coupon reimbursement. In a case of no-show in the hotel we can not reimburse the payment for the meal package nor the coupons used.

  • What if my booking is cancelled by the hotel?
    Due to reasons of Force Majeure (weather conditions such as hurricanes, floods etc as well as political conflict and alike) we reserve the right to cancel your booking for the above reasons and without any compensation from Migoda being owed. However In such a case Migoda will make all reasonable efforts to notify you and try to accomodate a similar experience in an adequate alternative hotel.
  • How does the payment work?

  • What payment methods do you accept?

  • Do I receive an invoice after payment?

  • When will I be charged for my hotel booking?

  • Will my credit card be charged if I forgot to cancel my booking?
    If you forgot to cancel your booking of course your credit card will be charged and your used coupons will expire. Please always read your Migoda reservation confirmation and check your specific changes and the cancellation policy that applies to your booking.

  • Is my credit card information secure?
    We take the security and protection of your credit card information very seriously. If you suspect that an unauthorized transaction on your credit or debit card came through us you should contact your card-issuing bank or credit card company immediately to review the transaction. For more information, view the Sites Privacy Statement.
  • Why are the hotels engaged in this program?
    Even blockbuster hotels can only boast with an average occupancy rate of 60-70%. For the hotel operators participating in the Migoda program, this means a secure booking and the ability to convince coupon guests of the quality and service of their house. A perfect form of self-promotion for future follow-up bookings.

  • How are coupon holders treated in the hotel?
    The customers are treated just like any normal paying guest, maybe even a little better, because the hotel wants the coupon customer to either recommend the hotel to others or for them to come back as a normal paying guest in the future.

  • What if there is something I don’t like about the hotel?
    At Migoda we choose our partners with a lot of care in regards to quality and service performance. There is of course always the unforeseen or unexpected event that something might not be to your full satisfaction. In this case we recommend you voicing your complaint directly to the hotel. If you however feel that this hotel has very much lessened your experience we would like to hear your complains. Please then write a message to us at admin@migoda.com and we will examine your case.

  • How can I make a special request (food, smoking- non-smoking room, children's cots, connecting rooms)?
    On the hotel search site you will find on the left side there is a column where you can filter your search criteria by clicking on the checkbox for your desired needs for your hotel stay. If you won’t find your search needs met, please see below the hotel description what the hotel offers in terms of facilities and amenities.

  • I want to bring a pet. Will the hotel allow it?
    This depends truly on the hotel. Some hotels do, some don’t. Under Property Facilities view if the checkbox for the “pets allowed” is activated - if so the Hotel is welcoming your beloved pet. Please note that the Hotel may charge you for your pet.
  • What documents do I need to bring to the hotel?
    Please make sure your have all your travel documents with you (some form of identification, i.e. passport, identity card, VISA).
    Also ensure you have your Migoda booking confirmation with you to show at the hotel reception.

  • Do I need to bring my coupon codes to the hotel?
    When arriving to the hotel, you need to only show your Migoda hotel booking confirmation that was sent to you. No need for coupon codes.

  • Do I need travel insurance?
    We advise in any case the conclusion of a travel insurance for possibly unforeseen cancellations.

  • Do you have your Visa requirements and vaccinations checked if traveling outside of your country?
    A valid passport or for Europeans a valid ID for European Citizens (at least 6 months valid after the end of your stay) is required for all bookings and purchases. You are entirely responsible for your specific passport, visa and other immigration requirements. You should confirm these with the relevant embassies and/or consulates prior to travelling. Depending on your booking and purchase there may be compulsory health services applicable to your trip. Make sure that you have your vaccinations taken care of and your vaccination documents with you. Should you be denied entry because of default of any of the above we do not accept any responsibility.