About Migoda

Mischeila Golla founded Migoda in 2015 with the passionate mission to help people take time out and destress by reconnecting to their wanderlust, vacation yearning and to come in contact with exciting cultures, sonorous languages, exotic foods, impressive nature sights or just nourish the soul to be.

Since inception 2015, Migoda has set sail to improve the many currently existing Hotel coupon concepts, which for decades have successfully worked offline. Migoda is now the first one offering a smart and simple digital solution.

We have established our online booking platform to match coupon holders with hotels for redeeming the free hotel coupons in the fastest and for both parties most efficient and convenient way.

We have been diligently working on improving the framework to Internationally invite hotels, travelers and companies to our journey.


“Travelling is the longing for life.“

- Kurt Tucholsky

Travelling is for the mind, body, nervous system and spirit equally important.

For this reason, we at Migoda encourage Companies to engage into our Coupon System as an unbeatable promotion tool. Companies that use the Coupon System not only increase the appreciation towards their company, their brand, their product but also aid in Migoda's Vision of possible Wellbeing increase for each and every one of YOU taking time out.

So go play ... You deserve some time out to reconnect with Life and - Create Memories for Yourself and your Loved Ones!!!

Let the journey begin ...

You can choose between locations in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. One mouse click away, and you’re browsing between different hotels, activities and gourmet options.